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Download: D22-Shoutbox v1.1.2


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File Name: D22-Shoutbox v1.1.2
File Submitter: .Logan
File Submitted: 21 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

A fully featured shoutbox, includes 2 views which are the global shoutbox shown on the board or the full shoutbox accessed via the shoutbox link at the top of the board, the full shoutbox has a lot more features available to it. The shoutbox includes member preferences, full moderating options, an extensive archive, global shoutbox, members viewing list, rich text editor, and much more.

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from D-Scripting, IPSBeyond or Invision Modding.

Files Affected:

  • sources\classes\class_display.php

  • Added in caching of shouts to hopefully help reduce the enormous server load.
  • Fixed global shoutbox height custom settings per member bug.
  • Fixed bug where in Archive, it would only show current year in the dropdown.
  • Added in a new setting to switch the Global Shoutbox theme.
  • Make some tweaks & improvements on the javascript.
  • A couple minor html tweaks.
  • Added in a couple tools to the Admin CP section for the Shoutbox.
  • Fixed 'Enter Key' issue that wouldn't allow other input fields (mainly textareas') to be used properly to enter new lines.
  • Fixed '[DATE] Guest -' issue where this would appear several times when doing a new install on the Shoutbox.
  • Fixed issue where Global Shoutbox wasn't displayed (turned on) by default, for all members.
  • Fixed issue where Announcement wouldn't show up in the Global Shoutbox.
  • Fixed issue where 'My Prefs' button wasn't displayed in the Global Shoutbox.
  • Fixed bug when deleting a moderator from the Admin CP, wouldn't delete it but just go to the Overview page for the Shoutbox.
  • Added 'Archive' feature to the Shoutbox.
  • New Moderator Options panel
  • Added ability for global shoutbox to have their own shout ordering display method.
  • Added in user preferences
    • Display global shoutbox
    • Enter Key is used to submit shout
    • Enable quick commands
    • Display refresh button
  • Added ability to display a Shoutbox announcement.
  • Added ability for moderators to edit shouts.
  • Added 'edit history' to shouts -- allows moderators to view the edit history of a shout.
  • Added ability to exclude the global shoutbox from certain pages
  • Added 'inactivity' timeout feature -- to help reduce server load.
  • Added a few new quick commands (/refresh, /archive, /myprefs)
  • Improved shout updates
  • Fixed various issues with IE and key commands not working
  • Fixed a few minor display issues in IE & Opera
  • Fixed bug where BBCodes weren't parsed after shouted.
  • Fixed bug where RTE editor size couldn't be changed or resized.
  • Fixed bug where board would re-display in the shoutbox if the board forced guests to login.
  • Fixed bug where the global Shoutbox wouldn't be displayed on other component pages.
  • Fixed error where board would error out when the Shoutbox was uninstalled.
  • Added option to display # of posts needed to be able to shout.
  • Fixed problem where 'Smilies' link on Global Shoutbox wouldn't load smilies into Global Shoutbox shout area properly.
  • Fixed a few issues where member's names weren't being formatted properly.
  • First initial final release of the Shoutbox.

Click here to download this file
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