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Download: [Beta] Converter - ntd1712's Download System


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File Name: [Beta] Converter - ntd1712's Download System
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 10 Jan 2007
File Category: IDM 1.1 Modifications

Please note that you cannot have any categories or files already in IDM, because of how important it is for the script to match up ids for both (the id's are converted exactly, and can cause SQL errors if they already exist in IDM) (this goes for all my converters)

You should have a fresh/clean install of IDM, and your ntd1712 download tables still in your database. Upload this file to your idm_setup folder, and then visit it in your browser.

Afterwards, run the "Update all category latest info" tool in the Tools part of IDM, and run the "Update all caches" tool in the same page. And be sure to reconfigure the settings, and the settings for each category...especially permissions.

This converter carries over everything except for ds_requests, ds_search, ds_reports which are irrelevant in IDM. Additionally, there is some confusion about the ratings, but if a rating is above 5 IDM just rounds it down to 5 so it will work properly.

Click here to download this file

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