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Download: [FWS] Orange Creme [3.0]


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File Name: [FWS] Orange Creme [3.0]
File Submitter: StealthAgent87_merged
File Submitted: 15 Jan 2007
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

[FWS] Orange Creme [3.0]

We have developed a new skin called Orange Creme, off a existing one made by IPS own, DjiXas. Forumize has proper permission to modify his skin to our needs, and we have fixed it up and added some new touches. A copyright for both authors is at the bottom of the skin.

Legal Information


  • Copyright may not be removed unless written permission from both skin authors!
  • Please don't reproduce the skins with your own copyright
  • This skin will only be submitted to other sites by StealthAgent87 or DjiXas if you find other uses, please report them!
  • If you wish to host the skin on your site, for download please contact me
  • You have permission to modify the PSDs, but you may not redistribute them with out my permission!
Skin Contains
  • Complete Skin for IP Board
  • Avatar PSD
  • Signature PSD
  • Team Icon PSD
  • Logo PSD
  • All Fonts used in Production
  • Skin Macros
  • Skin Coding

Please contact me with any questions or comments. Support will be provided in the topic or my forums. Thanks for using the skin, donate if you wish. :D


1.0 - First Release
2.0 - Font Released, PSD's Released, Fixed Logo Not appearing issue
3.0 - Fixed Menu Issue, Changed Logo

Click here to download this file
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