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Download: (OV22) Enhanced Registration v1.0


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File Name: (OV22) Enhanced Registration v1.0
File Submitter: C_ind_merged
File Submitted: 18 Jan 2007
File Category: Modifications

After this mod is installed, you'll have added another setting group to Tools & Settings in your ACP that gives extra options for your registration page.

If you like, you can force your members to register with a strong password. How strong is up to you. You can decide that the length of their password should be at least 8 characters long, that it should contain an upper-case letter and/or a lower-case letter and/or a number.

You can also make them fill in some of the information in their profiles. Make them give information about their gender, or their location or their birthday.

Everything is optional, you can change back and forth.

The mod checks that the user has input the required fields correctly, on the same page. Of course, the data is also checked in PHP after the registration is submitted.

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from IPSBeyond or Invision Modding.

Files affected:

  • sources\action_public\register.php
  • jscripts\ipb_register.js

Click here to download this file
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