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Download: Per-Skin Ad Colors

Mister Java

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File Name: Per-Skin Ad Colors
File Submitter: Ricjustsaid
File Submitted: 29 Jan 2007
File Category: Modifications

Allows you to specify which colors will be used for your Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher adverts on a per-skin basis, all from the Tools and Settings section of your ACP. You can set the color of the border, background, ad header, text, and links. This is particularly useful if you have multiple skins and want them to blend in with each one. You can also set where you'd like the ads to show up; you can have them show up as a "post" below the first post in a topic, or above the first post in a topic.


Files Affected:

· sources/action_admin/skin_sets.php
· sources/action_admin/skin_import.php
· sources/action_public/topics.php



Requires the Universal Mod Installer by FuSoYa, which can be downloaded from IPS Beyond or Invision Modding.


Basic Steps

Installation Time: About 5-7 minutes (probably less).

1. Upload files.
2. Run installer.
3. Make 6 file edits.
4. Make 2 template bit edits.
5. Customize via ACP.



31 January 2007 : 2.0.1 Release
-- Fixed a bug preventing you from selecting multiple groups.

28 January 2007 : 2.0.0 Release

-- Made compatible with IPB 2.2.x.
-- Ad code and markup has been moved to template bits, making it easy to switch between YPN and Adsense (should you ever have to).
-- Ads now show up in ALL topic views, instead of just the "standard" mode.
-- Added the ability to choose where the ads show up (either as a post, or above the main topic).

23 December 2006 : 1.1.1 Release
-- Includes instructions for both Adsense and YPN ads.
-- Moved most of the code to a separate PHP class file for easier future updates.

16 December 2006 : Initial Release (1.1.0)



Ad Above Main Topic:

IPB Image

Ad as a Post:

IPB Image

Enjoy, and feel free to post any comments/suggestions in the support thread!

Click here to download this file

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