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Download: (OV22) Reports as Topics v1.1


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File Name: (OV22) Reports as Topics v1.1
File Submitter: C_ind_merged
File Submitted: 28 Jan 2007
File Category: Modifications

Sometimes it's inconvenient that only some moderators receive the reports when members communicate a message through the 'Report this to a moderator' link. Firstly, the super moderators and admins won't get these reports if forum moderators exist. Secondly, when you receive a report you don't know if anyone else has done anything about it already. So, perhaps it's better then to channel all these reports as topics into your secret staff forum instead. There you can all view the report, and post replies to the topic informing each other what action has been taken.

When this mod has been installed, you'll have added an extra settings group in Tools & Settings. You can decide whether or not the mod should be enabled or disabled, what should be the id of the topic starter and what your staff forum is.

I can't take credit for the idea of this mod, as there have been previous ones, but this is a simple implementation of the idea for v2.2.x

NEW features in v1.1:

  • Option to let the reporting member also be the one who appears as topic starter
  • Option to include the offending post in the report

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from IPSBeyond or Invision Modding.

Files affected:
  • sources\action_public\misc\contact_member.php

Click here to download this file
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