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Download: [TASK]Rebuild User Post Counts

Vince G.

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File Name: [TASK]Rebuild User Post Counts
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 05 Feb 2007
File Category: Modifications

This will recount members posts based on CURRENT posts from the database. This will almost certainly REDUCE the post counts for your members as deleted and pruned posts will no longer be counted. This should not be used if you wish to retain your member's current post counts. THERE IS NO UNDO!

Files Affected:

3 Settings Added.
1 New Task Added.

Files Uploaded:

Upload the settings.xml from ACP -> TOOLS & SETTINGS -> Import an XML settings file.
Upload the sources/tasks/repostcount.php To ROOT_PATH/sources/tasks/

Click here to download this file

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