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Download: ACP MENUS

Vince G.

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File Name: ACP MENUS
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 05 Feb 2007
File Category: Modifications

Mod Desription:

With this mod u could add from the ACP various menus to your forums in a neat yet simple DropDown menu.
This Nice part of it that while adding menus u can limit them to show for only certain groups, making it customizble alot more.
you have the option to add as many menus as u like.
This mod was coded as a component so you have only one file to edit for you members.
The mod was created for 2.2 and tested on 2.2 only, there would be no downgrades, so please dont send me annoying PM's asking to downgrade.
Hope u like using it as much as i did coding it for you .

Files Effected:

Files Uploaded:
sources/components_acp/acpmenu.php To sources/components_acp/
sources/components_init/acpmenu.php To sources/components_init/
components.xml To Forum Root Directory
templates.xml To Forum Root Directory
mysql.php To Forum Root Directory
install.php To Forum Root Directory

General Info:
1 DataBase Table Created
1 Component Added
1 Template Function Added
1 Template Bit Changed

Click here to download this file

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