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Download: MyMenu 1.0.5

Vince G.

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File Name: MyMenu 1.0.5
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 05 Feb 2007
File Category: Modifications

Mod Desription: With this mod you could add a menus system for your members to use it.
if you always wanted to make a system that is easliy installed, configurable and customizble then this is for u.
with this mod you could set which groups can use the menus system, and set maximum allowed menus to be created for each group, giving you the ability to control the values for each group.
you could also set if the system is online or offline globally from the ACP -> SETTINGS.
besides that, the system is coded as a component so this means less files edits for you.

Files Effected:

Files Uploaded:
sources/components_init/MyMenu.php To sources/components_init/
sources/components_location/MyMenu.php To sources/components_location/
sources/components_public/MyMenu.php To sources/components_public/
sources/components_ucp/MyMenu.php To sources/components_ucp/
cache/lang_cache/en/lang_MyMenu.php To cache/lang_cache/en/
components.xml To Forum Root Directory
settings.xml To Forum Root Directory
templates.xml To Forum Root Directory
mysql.php To Forum Root Directory
install.php To Forum Root Directory

General Info:
1 DataBase Table Created
2 DataBase Fields Added
1 Component Added
1 Setting Group Added
1 Setting Menu Added
1 Template Group Added
8 Template Functions Added
1 Template Bit Changed

change log:

1.0.5 fixed instructions typo
1.0.4 fixed another bug
1.0.3 fixed bug in installer
1.0.2 first initial release

Click here to download this file

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