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Download: Aqua Skin v1.0.2


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File Name: Aqua Skin v1.0.2
File Submitter: Im4eversmart_merged
File Submitted: 11 Feb 2007
File Category: Dark Skins

Aqua Skin v1.0.2 for IPB 2.2.x


Designed by Kman and Im4eversmart


This is a dark grayish skin for IPB 2.2.x. In this version, gallery, blogs, and the download manager are now supported. If you need any help or wish to purchase copyright removal you can email me at Im4eversmart@gmail.com


To install:
1) Go to your Admin CP, Look & Feel, Skins & Templates, Skin Import/Export
2) Import skin template ipb_skin-aqua.xml
3) Import skin images ipb_images-aqua.xml
4) Go to Skin Manager, select Aqua then Edit Settings
5) Under Image Options, change the image directory to style_images/aqua


Includes logo4.psd, a blank logo4.gif, fonts used, emoticons, pips, team icons, and other graphics.


Demo: http://rhqclan.com/forum/index.php?s=&...1&skinid=12


Change log:

Added images and coded skin for Gallery, Blog, and Download Manager support
Fixed various css bugs throughout skin
Added support for dynamic blog headers

New br_redirct.gif and p_mq_remove.gif
Correct logo4.psd included

Initial release



Click here to download this file


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