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Download: (V88)PM Rules Advanced- 1.0.1

Vince G.

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File Name: (V88)PM Rules Advanced- 1.0.1
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 21 Feb 2007
File Category: Modifications

(V88)PM Rules Advanced- 1.0.0
With the mod you can turn on/off the ability for each member to set PM Rules for himself, you can choose which groups can use the PM Rules, Which groups will be protected from seeing others PM Rules,
Each member that is allowed to use the PM Rules He will be able to set if he wants to turn on/off His PM Rules, the actuall PM Rule that each member that will try to PM him will see (BBCODES,SMILES,HTML Enabled), then he will need to approved his rules to send him a message.
Another great thing is each member could set if he wants to force members to agree to the terms, and he could set X amount of posts, That any body that has more then that amount and wants to PM him could do it without seeing the his PM Rules (Good For Spammers).
Thats about it, there are screens included so you could see what's that all about.
By vadim88 Njoy.

Files Effected:
3 Settings Added
1 Setting Group Added
1 DataBase Table Added
18 Languages Strings Added
2 Template Bits Added
1 Component Added

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from IPSBeyond or Invision Modding

Files Uploaded:
mod_install/(V88)PM_Rules_Advanced.xml To mod_install/
sources/components_public/pmrules.php To sources/components_public/
sources/components_ucp/pmrules.php To sources/components_ucp/

IPB Versions:
IPB 2.2 / 2.2.1

Support will be provided at IL-Vision.com Forums

Change Log
1.0.1 - Fixed IPS Driver Error Bug
1.0.0 - Initial Release

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