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Download: [AH22] Report Manager


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File Name: [AH22] Report Manager
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 24 Mar 2007
File Category: Components

In a default installation of IP.Board, you get the option of reporting posts to the board moderators, however, this area fails badly in alot of places.

When a report is sent, it PMs all the board moderators, DING! problem number one! In all successful communities and businesses, communication is the key to success, if your moderators cannot communicate over a report, who knows what will happen?

In this modification, all reports made are sent to one centralized place where Moderators and Administrators can assign statuses, add comments, and keep up to date with the report. DING! solution number one!

By default, IP.Board PMs the contents of the post to the moderator. But by the time the moderator checks, the post may have been edited. DING! problem number two.

In this modification, to save DB queries and space, it DOES NOT store a copy of the reported post, it uses LEFT JOIN to contact ibf_posts for that information. You may ask yourself, when they edit the post, the reported post is edited? Correct, but to get around this I have coded it so the post becomes invisible (Unapproved) and therefore only moderators and above can see the reported content.

This file has gone through private testing (ALPHA 1, ALPHA 2, ALPHA 3, PB1 - TESTERS) and there are not (If any) bugs in the software.

In all future releases, the testers will receive the modification before you do, to ensure 100% quality is given to you.

Click here to download this file

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