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Download: [INVM22] MiniForum v1.1.0


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File Name: [INVM22] MiniForum v1.1.0
File Submitter: Master_Odin
File Submitted: 22 Mar 2007
File Category: Modifications

[INVM22] MiniForum Version 1.1.0
This Mod will allow you to create several sections, sort of like a miniforum.

What's New:
· Fixed Breadcrumb and Board Title features
· Updated Component Output
· Initial Release

IPB Version:
· Invision Board 2.2

Affected Files:
· index.php
· sources/action_public/boards.php
· sources/classes/class_forums.php
· sources/classes/class_display.php
· sources/classes/class_session.php

This mod is an upgrade of FusE's original IPB v2.1.x mod!

Click here to download this file

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