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Download: Inviki - Free IPB wiki system (Formerly ibWiki)


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File Name: Inviki - Free IPB wiki system (Formerly ibWiki)
File Submitter: cjvj
File Submitted: 15 Apr 2007
File Category: Components

//Update: I am currently taking feature suggestions for 1.1, if you have a suggestion then please post it in the support topic: http://www.ipsbeyond.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22256

Inviki - A free wiki system for IPB 2.2 - DEMO

This modification requires the Universal Mod Installer

Security update: 02/05/07

- Fixed issue with groups being able to add/edit/delete categories when they shouldn't have permission

To upgrade: Upload new files over old


Changed name to Inviki on request to avoid confusion with IPB Wiki.

- Fixed CAPTCHA box appearing when disabled
- Fixed edit article form category dropdown
- Fixed few minor language string mistakes
- Fixed download txt version setting set to "No" by default
- Fixed Javascript when editing category
- Removed Javascript from protect article page to make it compatible
- Fixed issues with open_basedir

- Added link to discussion topic in article
- Topics now update when article is updated.
- Added "Edit Article" button to article view
- Custom BBCode now supported
- Altered category view


  • Installation via UMI
  • No file edits
  • Category management
    • Add/edit/delete categories
    • Full permission system
  • Article management
    • Add/edit/delete articles
    • Full permission system
    • Article flagging
    • Article history
    • Attachments
    • Discussion topics
    • Article ratings
    • Protect articles
  • Revision control
    • All edits are stored as revisions
    • Can revert to an old revision
    • Compare revisions
  • Antispam
  • Search feature
  • Subscriptions
    • Subscribe to category - email when new article
    • Subscribe to article - email when new edit
  • Stats
    • Keeps track of # edits/views/articles/categories
    • View most viewed articles
  • Caching
    • Categories, permissions and stats all cached for speed
  • Tools
    • Can reset article view counts & ratings



Support can be obtained at easipb.com, invisionize.com, ipsbeyond.com or invisionmodding.com

Thanks to Keith for some of the images.

Click here to download this file
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