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Download: Glassy series Blue 1.0.0


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File Name: Glassy series Blue 1.0.0
File Submitter: Ixas
File Submitted: 20 Apr 2007
File Category: Professional Skins

Glassy Series Blue 1.0.0

Stylish, luxury and great looking skin.

Skin combines light silver, blue and green colors.
Thoose three colors together create a perfect
looking skin from Glassy Series.

PSD's & Fonts are included.

If you've found any bugs and/or have any questions, feel
free and contact me.



Colors modified.


1. Login into forum admin panel. Go to LOOK & FEEL > Skin Import/Export
2. Import skin template.
3. Import skin images. Make sure that you select "Skin Name"
in the "Use with which skin set?" settings.
4. Go to Skin Manager, select new skin, click "Edit Settings..."
5. Find "Image Options". Use imported skin folder style_images/...
6. After checked imported skin folder, click "Edit Image Settings"
7. Enjoy.

Additional notes:

Please leave all links and text in the bottom for support, that's why
this skin is free. If you want to remove this link contact me via
http://www.GPF-Design.com contact form for permissions or use e-shop
http://www.GPF-Design.com/eshop this will cost $24.95.

Links MUST BE visible, if you will remove or modify them without my
permissions this will be treaten as skin stealing. I will take legal
action to suspend your site or any other actions to prevent this.


Click here to download this file


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