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Download: Heartagram


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File Name: Heartagram
File Submitter: KindredPOKER_merged
File Submitted: 29 Apr 2007
File Category: Dark Skins

Based on IPB 2.1x Pentagram Skin but revamped and many new skin edits. Supports all mods created so far but there are one or two bugs so I created a support topic at Invisionize:

Pack Contains:
Team Icons,
Black Background On Post Icons.

Copyright Removal:
If you want to remove the copyright at the bottom get in touch with me on MSN - kindredpoker@hotmail.com or e-mail me on admin@gamercore.net, the removal is £5 GBP or $10 USD. I will take legal action if copyright is removed!

Change Log:
v1.1 - #submenu changes
v1.0 - Skin Creation

Special Thanks To:

Post your problems below...

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