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Download: H-Series Soft Blue v1.5. Full Free Version.

Skin Arabia

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File Name: H-Series Soft Blue v1.5. Full Free Version.
File Submitter: Skin Arabia
File Submitted: 04 May 2007
File Category: Light Skins

Skin Info:
>> Skin Name: Soft Blue.
>> Skin Version: v1.5.
>> Version Release Date: April 25th,2007.
>> Version Last Update: May 6th, 2007.
>> Skin Supports:
1. IP.Board 2.2.2.
2. IP.Gallery 2.1.2.
3. IP.Blog 1.3.2.
4. IP.Downloads 1.1.2.
>> Fonts Used: Times New Roman (Avaliable in most Operating Systems).

Package Contain:
1- PSDs Folder:
* Large Button.
* logo4.
* Small Button.
* Team Icon.
2- Skin Files:
* css_rte.css.
* dheader_settings.xml.
* ipb_images-softblue.xml.gz.
* ipb_macro.xml.
* ipb_skin-soft-blue.xml.gz.
* skin-css.css.
3- Style Images:
* softblue folder (contains the style images for this skin set).
4- Skin set full preview image in a PNG format.
5- Read Me File containg all the information you may need about this skin.

Version History:
v1.0 Designed to work with IPB 2.1.7
V1.1 Upgraded to fit the new IP.Boards 2.2
V1.2 Enhancing some classes on the CSS to finish the design as it looks for IP.Board 2.2.1
v1.3 Edited some template bits to work with IP.Board 2.2.2
v1.5 Making the design supports Blog, Gallery & Download systems

Click here to download this file


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