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Download: [BoT] Signature of the Week v2


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File Name: [BoT] Signature of the Week v2
File Submitter: Trialgan
File Submitted: 12 May 2007
File Category: Components

[BoT] Signature of the Week v2

Signature of the Week
Version: 2.0.2
IPB Version: 2.2.x AND 2.3.x
Author: Bryan
On the web: http://trialga.net/
Via e-mail: superkirby50@hotmail.com

© 2007


This mod will give you a comprehensive, self-running Signature of the Week system. All you have to do is configure the permissions, set up the competitions, and it will automatically create its own poll once entries are over and add users to the winners list when the competition is done. This mod is perfect for any graphics site.

Note that since this is a Lite version, not all of the features are available. If you wish to upgrade to the Full version, please visit my site, Trialga.net

This fresh new system, which is completely new from v1.x, has many more features and is a more complete system. You can set up competitions and wait for your members to submit their entries, then once you're ready you can switch it over and the system will create a poll inside the mod. Once the poll is over and a winner is available, the system will add them to the list of winners.

Want more features? It could already be in the Full version. If it's not however, or you'd like to see it in the Lite version, just post in the topic and I'd be happy to hear your request.

Support will be given here and at my site, and purchasing support is available at my site.

Click here to download this file

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