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Download: (OV22) Contact Form v1.1


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File Name: (OV22) Contact Form v1.1
File Submitter: C_ind_merged
File Submitted: 04 Jun 2007
File Category: Components

This component places a contact form on your board that's available from a link in the header. A contact form can be useful if your members are having login problems, like if they don't remember their usernames or have forgotten their passwords and are unable to request a new one because they don't know which email account they signed up with originally. People who aren't members yet, may also be interested in contacting you or your staff.

Name, email address, subject and message are required fields of this contact form. You can also add extra fields to it.

From the Components tab in the admin control panel, you'll have a few options available to you. You can select the method of communication that suits you. You can decide that messages should be sent via either email or PM to certain user groups, or perhaps you'd prefer that each message starts a new topic in your staff forum so it's easier to keep track of whether a member of staff has responded to the message already.

You've got an option available for letting the user receive a confirmation email with a copy of what he submitted. You can also do an automatical member lookup based on the email supplied, and be presented with a link to the user profile.

For security there's CAPTCHA, security code confirmation, which can be set to none, normal or advanced. You can also enable anti spam questions. The board's inbuilt IP ban filter can be used for this modification, as well as the email ban filter. The inbuilt badword filter will be used for the subject and message field. Finally, you have the option of turning the modification on or off.

No file edits necessary.

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from IPSBeyond or Invision Modding.

Click here to download this file

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