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Download: Sphinx For IPB


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File Name: Sphinx For IPB
File Submitter: NTGforum
File Submitted: 27 Jun 2007
File Category: Modifications

Sphinx for IPB

Compatibility: Invision Power Board 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.3

Quick Description:
A very fast search engine for IPB with no limit !

This module is only for big board > 250 000 posts with slow search.
This module use Sphinx (http://www.sphinxsearch.com) to replace Fulltext search.
This module need a dedicated machine with root acces.
Need also Mysql > 4.1.x (sub queries)
This module is for power Users ;) good knowledge in IPB / Mysql / Linux need !

This module allows to use the search with word 2 letter, and it is very fast (max 0.05s for a search !)
The module allows also to use innodb format for Mysql tables

News in release 1.1

  • Support of IPB 2.3
  • Code optimization
  • tips for use with IP.Blog

News in Final
  • Compatible with Sphinx 0.9.7 Final
  • Fix some Warning
News in RC3
  • Compatible with IPB 2.2
  • Compatible with Sphinx 0.9.7RC2
  • New error message when Daemon searchd is down !

Click here to download this file
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