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Suggestions - Friends and Reputation features


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Friends - The friends system is not complete. To make it truly relevant a member should be able to show blogs and gallery to friends only. I don't know what it would take to make that a standard option but it should be on top of the list of developing new member-friendly features.

Reputation - There should be a way to show members who they received reps from. An optional admin enabled feature. If everything is just anonymous there is hardly motivation for members to use it. I have my board toggled to positive only and know if they could see or be seen on this feature it would be used a lot. As it is it is hardly used, and as a board user I understand why they don't. It is rather meaningless in the present state.

Those two additions would make a huge difference.

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One of my users brought this to my attention.
About friends.
They didn't realize that you could set your friends list to "authorize only" and are now wondering if there is a way to see whose list they are currently on.
(I tried a search and couldn't find anything about this)

Overall the friends list seems rather pointless. Other then adding users and showing off, it offer little community interaction.
I would like to see more built into this.
Maybe some kinda ajax chat so you can have a live chat with your friends / group of friends, or something else to make it more of a community feel rather then any other forum system out there.

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