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Mysql replication

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Yesterday I had notticed over 600 QPS on my mysql server so I'm thinking about replication of the mysql server.
Have You got experiences with this? Is IPB prepared for such funtionality?
How to make mysql performance much bigger? - tweaks were done so next step is relativelly going to new server or maybe replication of DB into 2 servers to make performance bigger.
Do You have any hints?

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I'm also running APC.

Memcached is not the same thing as an opcode cache. It directly caches database queries, more like mysql's query cache.

I installed the package from the debian archive with 'sudo aptitude install memcached.' I kept all the default settings in /etc/memcached.conf. If you have buckets of memory to spare you might want to consider raising the value for -m, but otherwise I'd leave everything as is. I added the following to conf_global.php in the IPB root directory.

$INFO['use_memcache'] = 1;
$INFO['memcache_server_1'] = "";
$INFO[memcache_port_1'] = "11211";

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[quote name='Velvet Elvis' date='20 September 2009 - 07:55 AM' timestamp='1253426116' post='1857522']
Yes. One caches complied php and the other mysql queries. They do completely different things.

How many queries per second have you saved with memcache?

On my box it is not critical but it's always good to plan ahead, atm I got 163 QPS.

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