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CSS Expansion + Board Logs


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CSS Expansion
All I'm suggesting is that you expand and and define more classes and IDs on more objects in the default skin so that it's easier to make skins. I've been skinning IPB3 and had to constantly edit the HTML to define new objects to stylize. A simple suggestion, considering there aren't that many publicly available skins out for IPB3 like there was for IPB 2.2.x & 2.3.x.

Board Logs
I basically already posted this in the modifications section, but it would be much nicer if it was implemented into the boards. The idea is basically to have logs like the admin log-in logs, but for all users. When a user logs into the forums, their Member Number, Login Name, Display Name, IP, Time Logged In, and if it was a successful log-in or not is recorded. There is already a similar mod that does this for 2.3.x, and I had even combined that mod with the IP Tools when I used that version. Preferably you could set a number of days between pruning for it and also have an option not to prune. My forums need to be very secure and this is basically required.


Thanks for looking into my 2 suggestions,

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CSS Expansion: I would suggest learning about advanced selector methods or alternate ways of identifying a particular part of the page. It can get messy, but I think you'll find that you can single out practically any element with the proper selector. That said, there are indeed a couple areas [none I can think of at the moment though] which would be much facilitated by an added ID.

Board logs: Absolutely yes. I made this for our board myself back in April when we were trying to track down a compromised staff account, and the logs have proved absolutely invaluable in numerous instances since then. IPs not being logged in the system at all if the person never posts, messages or votes is an extreme disadvantage of the system, and login logs solve that perfectly. It may be trivial when integrated with IPB, but I would also suggest logging their current member group and whether they logged in "anonymous" or not, along with the rest of the info.

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