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Tighter skin, more like the 2.x templates?


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A great summary post from one of my forum users...

Here's a view of pages at both forums after clicking for New Posts: KLforumSample1.pngRevforumsample1.png I know it makes me an old fogey, but I like the tighter and more organized look of the Rev forum. I like the tabular look of the topics and the fields for each. I like the background that sets it apart from the page, and clearly separates each topic with a contrasting line. I like the clear orange marker that shows which ones have posts I haven't read yet. I like the compactness that allows more content to be viewed on the page. I like that the hyperlinks are clearly indicated with the traditional underline. I feel like the new format is trying to look more like a paper document instead of a web page, which can have benefits, but... I don't like the wasted space where it tells me how many new entries there are. I don't like the amount of white space because it fails to contrast the content with the page background. The stats are combined in one column, but that only increases the vast white space by saving one column. The page is unbalanced with that larger gap. I don't like that the hyperlinks are not instantly visible. I don't have that visual that tells me what I can click on for more information. It's harder to see what has posts I've already read. In the screen cap above, I've already followed the third topic, and the folder icon is very slightly faded, but that's all the indication I have. Also, unless I just haven't found it, there is no "go to first unread post" icon in the new forum when you use the "View New Content" search. There is a "go to last post." Also, in the old format, there is a dropdown at the bottom of the page of new content that allows you to change the time span on active topics right from there, and that's not available on the new one. Anyway, that's a few observations of mine on one particular page.

Myself, I love the tabbed extras under new content, and the more robust aesthetics, but I too would like to see a tighter skin made available from Invision (to sustain/evolve real-time through future upgrades)... Something similar to the old style (Revolution forum above), less unused space, etc, but with the sidebar and other new features found in the latest IPB release.

Here's hoping, thanks. :)

When it comes to a discussion forum, I like functional and organized over aesthetic. Now, it's just my personal preference, but I have time for one example here...

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An addendum from the same user, I'm still in agreement. ;)

Upon further investigation, it appears that the topic name itself in the View New Content results has the functionality of going to the first unread post. But then, the Rev forum allows you to go either to post #1 by clicking the topic name, or the first unread by clicking the orange icon. I like having the option. Sometimes, if the thread isn't fresh in my mind, I like to go to the first post, other times, just to the first unread...

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Go to your ACP.
Look & Feel > Choose your skin and > Manage Templates & CSS > ipb_styles.css

Move to the CSS option > scroll until you see:

Change it to any width you wish.
(you can enter 85% for example insted of PX)

body {

	background: #fff;

	color: #1c2837;

	font: normal 13px arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif;

	position: relative;


Add below:

#ipbwrapper {

     width: 970px;

     margin: 0 auto;

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