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Billing warning!


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I recently got an automated email from the billing department that one of my forums is about to renew. Now I have credit card info saved in my profile so this will happen with NO intervention from me.

The problem?

Well, I have 3 forums, each with Gallery and blogs and two with downloads as well. So far so good. But TWO of my forums and Gallery and downloads, I recently purchased version 3 licenses for and your guys performed the upgrades.

So the thing is I am getting notifications for the OLD 2.3.x forums that they are going to renew. This is something that all forum owners need to be aware about. If you upgraded, your OLD 2.3.x forums still show up in your client profile, meaning I have active licenses for 2 X version 3, and 3 X version 2.3.x. I have raised a ticket about mine, but I urge you all to check this yourselves. There is NO WAY that my old upgraded forums should have remained in the billing cycle. That's going to end up in many forum owners paying double. As their old licenses will renew and then so will their new 3.0 ones.

I just wanted to post up about it here so that others are aware and look into their own situations.

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It depends, actually on what kind of license you used to have, etc.

Kotonoha is correct for the most part though, most users (i.e. anyone who purchased their license in the last 3 years) won't need to worry about this.

If you have any questions about any invoice you've received or the validity of any license, the best thing to do is contact the billing team directly - we will always send you an Email before taking any monies, and if you don't want to be charged automatically, you can remove your credit card information from your account.

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