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I have mine set to 'Show me all new content'.

However I am finding a lot missing.

For example all the threads that I am watching do not appear - overnight I had 3 or 4 emails, but none of theses are in the list.

Is this a bug, or am I understanding it wrong?

It is also not showing all the new posts in the forums - several are missing.

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[quote name='isdoo' date='01 September 2009 - 09:16 AM' timestamp='1251814599' post='1851324']
Thanks - thought it was me, doing something wrong.

Very frustrating and will stop us going live with 3.0.3 :(

The "View New Content" based on your last post visit seems to work fine. I haven't gone through it carefully, but it seems to be picking up all unread posts since your last visit (same as the "View New Posts" query on 2.3.6). I've been using it here and on my site extensively. None of my users have said anything about missing posts. So it looks like it only afflicts the "Show All Unread Content" version.


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