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[Suggestion] Skin Caching on Parent Skin

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One of the IPS staff members (Matt) said that he would look into a resolution for this, but the topic it was mentioned in didn't have much to do with the main issue, so I decided to create the topic in here.

[quote name='Matt' date='27 August 2009 - 06:00 AM' timestamp='1251370809' post='1849373']
You have 30 child skins? Yeah. That'll do it. See, when a parent is cached, it recaches all the children too. I'll have a think and see if we can figure something out.

Simply put, the parent skin, when recached, goes through every child skin as well. The problem with that is that, if you have 15 or more child skins (as I do, with customized NBA team forums) and your PHP memory is set a bit low (I believe), you'll run out of memory before it finishes.

Can there be a way to recache just the parent skin?

Also, it would be nice to be able to recache multiple skins, but not all of them. Using a drop-down menu, you can select just one, or select all. Being able to hold CTRL to select multiple skins would be great, but not as important as what was mentioned above. :)

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I have been thinking about this a lot, actually. Nothing will be changed for 3.0.3 as we're close to wrapping that up but I do have a few ideas.

My first one was to set a flag to note that a skin needs recaching instead of actually recaching it. This would mean that when the skin is loaded, it would check to see if it needs recaching first and if so, then recache it. This effectively distributes the caching over several page loads. The downside is that there may be times where an instant recache of one skin is required. I'll have to look into it more before committing code changes. Most likely we'll introduce the flag system along side the instant recache system.

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