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Thoughts on Skinning

Guest Century242

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Guest Century242

This may open a can of worms, but here goes.

I was thinking this morning about how I could get some of our talented forum members to work on creating new skins for IPB 3.x, but dismissed the thought because in order to do that, I would either have to grant them Admin privileges to a test setup on the server, or give them copies of the forum software to install on their own computers. Neither method would be good for anyone.

Working on the server could be a problem if one user inadvertently changes something done by another member. Chaos, not good.

Distribute copies of the software? Boy is that an invitation to even more chaos and blacklisting by IPS. Not good, in any way, shape or form.

What I propose is quite probably a major project, but I want to plant a seed. Would it be possible to offer a stand alone Skinning Module for IPB that could be freely distributed to the general public?

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