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Translating Admin Restrictions


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It is not necessary here to report an issue but to propose an improvement.

In the 'cp_skin_restrictions.php' line 327, you use this string 'Grant access to System application?' using two entries from a language file:

Thank you kindly to implement this feature. :)

<div class='tablesubheader'>{$form} {$this->lang->words['r_grantto']} {$application['app_title']} {$this->lang->words['application_bit']}?</div>

For the module is in line 341:

<div class='tablesubheader'>{$form} {$this->lang->words['r_grantto']} {$module['sys_module_title']} {$this->lang->words['module_bit']}?</div>

Is there a way to use only 2 entries and not 3 for example nammed:

'r_grantto_application' => "Grant access to '%s' application?",

'r_grantto_module' => "Grant access to '%s' module?",

In French and maybe in others languages, application and module have not the same 'gender' and the words the same places in the sentences.

The final strings in French would be:

'r_grantto_application' => "Donner l'accès à l'application '%s' ?",

'r_grantto_module' => "Donner l'accès au module '%s' ?",

Perhaps, too, you could change:



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[quote name='tamplan' date='23 August 2009 - 10:36 AM' timestamp='1251016573' post='1847905']
More than 40 views and none comment ?

May I report an issue for the record ?

You must think that some of the people who have read the post, like me, are interested in multiple languages and translating but we can't give you an answer or suggestion on this because we don't really understand the code... I'm not programmer...

At the end, it doesn't matter 3 or 2 bits of language translation when you translate more than 10.000 !

And you must think I translate everything in 2 languages, which is double work !!!.... catalan and spanish! spanish done, and now I have a 30% of catalan done... :rolleyes:

And languages I think is a great leack in IPBoard... they don't matter multilangueages very much...

When updating to v3.0.3 ALL translated bits will appear again as OUTDATED instead they make something that seems will not be possible... :(

So will be again very difficult to find NEW bits for translate...

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