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aMember Professional Membership Software 3.1.6


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[quote name='JLogica' date='13 August 2009 - 02:02 AM' timestamp='1250154143' post='1843058']The IP.Board v3.x plugin is available from JLogica.


Is there a way to get a demo of your product?
I just downloaded the demo of aMember to see if it can do what we need.

Or do you know the aMember product fairly well?
Maybe I could speak with you (email/PM's ... what ever is better for you) about it to see if it will work for us.

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[quote name='IPBSetup' date='13 August 2009 - 09:47 AM' timestamp='1250182032' post='1843222']
I used aMember with vBulletin and it was awesome then. I haven't used it with IPB but as long as it integrates I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be equally awesome.

Thanks for the feedback

Right now we have IPB for the forum and another company for our membership management so members have to remember two login Id's and passwords. It gets many of them frustrated. Plus we have to manually add or remove members from the forum when their membership expires

If this aMember can collect the info we need, offer the membership levels and options, offer subscriptions and tie into the forum ... and with IP CCS ... it will help remove a bunch of the work load we have right now. And the group is all volunteer ... no one gets paid a dime ... but members still want 5-star service. This will be very nice.

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