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Letting guests post in polls


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I would like to suggest that Admin be able to allow guests to vote in polls. It makes no sense that you can set the board to allow guests to post, but not vote.

I would like to make a password protected forum (sending the password out via an email list) so that I can run polls without people having to register. The board is for a large tertiary student organisation and it would be great if we could run polls on student issues which the students could quickly respond to (they are busy people) without having to register.

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Nothing happened with this no?

How would you prevent one guess from voting in a poll twice? FWIW IPB does store the IP address of the voter, so it's certainly not impossible, but still opens up problems. What if you have two users who are family? An IP address restriction would only allow one of those family members to vote..

Just some details for you. Again, it's certainly not impossible.
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