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Collapsable Info Panels

KT Walrus

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I suggest that you change many of the Info panels (the blocks of text that start with the little blue circle with a lowercase i in the middle) to have a control to collapse the panel. See the control icon on the right in the forum category header in the forum index.

I'd like to see the state of this toggle be remembered for the user across sessions (and preferably stored in the database instead of a cookie).

The reason is that it is distracting to visit a forum that has a larger sized block of text explaining the posting rules. You really only need to read this text once and then it becomes less important. So, I'd like to collapse it (and not delete it permanently) from the top of the page where the collapsed version would take only a single line of space.

Note sure if there are other places that could use a collapsable info panel, but it wouldn't hurt to implement any multi-line panel of info text (say, over 5 lines of info text) in a consistent manner and include the collapse toggle.

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