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disable setting for set timezone and daylight saving time


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that setting is for your members to set the correct time for them, not the forum itself, if you remove the ability for the users to do this then if they are in/from a different timezone then the time displayed on the forum will always be wrong for them , like say they log in from a eastern standard timezone and you have the forum set to central standard timezone the time would be off by an hr for them or worse if they was from a timezone even farther away, which means they will constantly keep having to do the math (when any time on the site is displayed for anything) to figure out how it relates to their time. personally for me I'd leave a site that was setup that way and go join one that wasn't as fast as I could because that would annoy the hell out of me.

you might be able to get someone to write you a mod that will add a settable server time to be displayed next to the standard time output if you want your members to know easily what time it is where the server is located/set to when anything is posted/done without annoying the hell out of them ;)

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