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Hello when you make registration you have "Custom Profile Fields" and inside you have show on registration page. Can you add this same option in groups ?

For member when make new registration can choice language. My forum have 1 Group and mask by language. Actually I use system of payment for change this value. In new version of IPB 3.0 payment are not integrate. It's why I want have this option. Or it's you have forum of Game member can choice Clan when make registration, for this last option admin of clan receive message for accept member or not.

In same time can choice if it's main group or second groups for this "Custom group Fields"

and can make groups without mask.

Like new member make choice French (secondary group) and principal group are beginner

in French you have only Mask and not more and in beginner you have all authorization, can read topic, can close topic... can send 50 message...

That member are limited in mask french but have evolution for authorization, and admin can simplify more forum.

Example Actually:
French Beginner, French standard, French Advanced...
English Beginner, English standard, English Advanced...
Spanish Beginner, Spanish standard, Spanish Advanced...
German Beginner, German standard, German Advanced...
= 12 Mask + 12 Groups

with new technical
Mask French + groups rules OFF and it's secondary groups
Mask English + groups rules OFF
Mask Spanish + groups rules OFF
Groupes: Beginner, standard, Advanced (Basic Mask with Rules group or no mask.)

4 Mask + 3 Groupes


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