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I have Cat French et many sub cat like 80 sub cat.

French -> OSX, Linux IRIX, Windows -> Audio, Video...

I want have possibility change value of French Sub Cat and have bouton propagate this all permissions or groups rules to all under sub cat. With message like when you select CP Admin to member.

This function exist with CHMOD folder or all files and folder inside start folder.

can you add please. I work now 1 month for change each value one by one. And sometimes I make mistake... and group permission don't have next bouton.

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So what you're saying is..

If you were to decide to move one of the subforums to a new area, it would automatically be 'protected' by the new language area it's in, thus no need to update the permissions on it.


|  |--OSX

|  |--Linux IRIX

|  |--Windows

|  |  |--Audio

|  |  |--Video

So when you set the permissions for French, you'd like those same permissions applied to the forums under it?

That's really not necessary.  You could set up permissions based on language and then have a generic permission set for member groups.  Apply the member group permissions on the forums themselves, then for the top level (French) apply the language permissions.  Then they will only see the French category and inside that they will be given access based on their group permissions.

|--French       <--- Language permission

|  |--OSX       <---\

|  |--Linux IRIX <---\ 

|  |--Windows   <-----> member group permissions

|  |  |--Audio  <----/

|  |  |--Video  <---/

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