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To able to configure the transliteration that IP.Board performs


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I a suggestion I want to see it in the future.

I wish to be able to adjust the way furl looks.

this is the title:
Skinuri ale forumului la dispoziţia voastră

this is the link:

Romanians do not use TH instead of Ţ, but they use often T while writing on pc.
Without being able to adjust friendly url, this is not friendly for non-english speakers.

tel us setup how and what should be replace in furl.
I know this feature is not only for boards in my language, I suppose other have same trouble.

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[quote name='bfarber' date='29 July 2009 - 08:48 PM' timestamp='1248889691' post='1835158']
For users that use UTF-8 this wouldn't affect them. *Most* of the replacements are relatively standard accepted transliteration replacements, which is why there aren't too many people that this affects.

I did not choose by myself what font to use.
I do not know nothing about the fonts. YOU made the choice for me, so do not tell me is not a good choice!

all I know is that if title has word aşteaptă the link will have ateapta and no search on google will find me.

more over, if the title has puşlama, decent word in my language, the link will have no ş, and will remain OBSCENE.

this means we can have obscene links only because we cannot control how to replace each characters...
each language has such characters. mine has few ăîşţâ...

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Whoa, calm yourself a little.

I never said you chose what character set to use. It's a setting in the ACP, and in older versions defaulted to an English character set. It now defaults to utf-8 for new installations, but you can't simply change the setting (character sets don't work that way). You simply used what the software defaulted to, that's all. There's no blame to place here.

As for Google finding your page, I can assure you that Google does not use the url alone to determine how to find your page. Google does not say "this page has "abcdef" in it so that's the only keyword that will pull it up". If it did, you'd never be able to find an IPB 2.3 site in Google, which is certainly not the case.

At the end of the day, the suggestion isn't a bad one, or a difficult one. I was merely replying to your "bump" (that you made only an hour after posting the suggestion - give people time to reply) as to why this may not be an issue for a large number of customers.

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[quote name='bfarber' date='29 July 2009 - 11:42 PM' timestamp='1248900171' post='1835245']
as to why this may not be an issue for a large number of customers.

believe me, when I pay service and license no one asked me is I have a countable set of another customers with me.

I just want normal links as anyone else here, even if that means I am the only one here with that problem.
I admit I can be the only one, I have the right I suppose to request normal links for me too.

Normal not in your point of view, but in mine. This means links readable in my language too.

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you are not the only one with the link problem all Arabic user have it but it's fixed when you use the UTF-8 encoding

but it's big problem if your DB use another character sets you i'll never be able to use the F-URL system unless you

convert your DB to UTF-8
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that big problem is not mine.

is their problem, don't you think?
I payed support all this time
they I add new features I cannot use because are incompatible? >_< ? why, if they did what was good for me, all the time, now this is not compatible with my board? why if I always kept my board to latest version...

I do not know how to convert. just hope they will find a solution for this.

my only reason to upgrade was friendly url.
and I told them that before upgrading.
why they did not told me that will not work for this board.

and why is not working? why they did not converted this long time ago if they knew is better?
as they upgraded
:( .

sorry, too many whys here for me.
is not my job to make things compatible.

I have ipb community suite , I pay for this and I just want to use what I payed.

Jason began to convert these days...lets pray this will work.

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Please understand that there are TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS when you are using computers and software, sometimes, that can impact how something works.

Sometimes, things are simply beyond our control. You can pay us $10,000,000,000 (please do :P ) but that doesn't mean we can suddenly reinvent how computers work. If only we had that power.

That has nothing to do with your original transliteration request. It *is* possible to add a way to remap specific characters for your own preferences (although it is not presently a feature). I'm referring to showing the characters as they should appear in the URL, rather than converting them.

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