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IPSLib::runMemberSync( 'onLogout', $this->member_data )


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I use a MemberSync class to make a bridge between IP.Board and an other application.

Everything works fine except when I logout the forum, I would like to logout the other application.

Perhaps, IPS devloppers can add a IPSLib::runMemberSync( 'onLogout', $member ) call function in 'admin/sources/handlers/han_login.php' :

To make us sure to not modify sourcecode after every update ?

Thanks for reading me. :thumbsup:

And sorry for my simple english, I translate from french with my old friend Google... :)

  	public function logoutCallback()


		/* Member Sync */

		IPSLib::runMemberSync( 'onLogout', $this->member_data );

  		$returns 	= array();

  		$redirect	= '';

		foreach( $this->modules as $k => $obj_reference )


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[quote name='Josh' timestamp='1272458006' post='1945772']
We've already added an 'onLogout' memberSync function to 3.1 :)
Nice to read this. :)
[url="http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/developer-resources/custom-applications/membersyncphp-r8"]The documentation[/url] should be updated. ;)

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