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Just wishing to say I am sorry


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[quote name='m4rtin' date='24 July 2009 - 12:53 AM' timestamp='1248393225' post='1832097']
Who should we report it to? If you google the link, and click the same link in the search result, you're still redirected to the same site.

EDIT: Tried a different browser, one that's never been used on this forum, and that worked :blink:

Report it to the tracker. Not some one specific as per say.

Would be some FURL glitch coz now I'm getting..

Even though I'm still doing some testing.



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[quote name='vesperala' date='23 July 2009 - 11:29 AM' timestamp='1248344947' post='1831446']
sorry, Charles :blush:

I would wager that repeated apologies in threads, and in your status update, and PMs, would start to make things uncomfortable for him. We can all see you regret your hasty actions and harsh words. You should just let it go and move forward. If I were in Charles' place that's what I'd want; I;d also want you to stop airing my private business about the forums! :blink:

Don't be so hard on yourself, like Wolf said, it's really unlikely he's taking this as personally as you are. Try to let it go, eh? :thumbsup:

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[quote name='Swiftie' date='23 July 2009 - 05:54 PM' timestamp='1248386051' post='1832023']
Using Firefox 3.0.12 when I click this link it leads to

I have to copy link and paste in new window or TAB.


But if I

Same here, I can't even get the site to load if I just copied the link and paste it in a new tab/window...



If I right click and open in new window / tab it leads to this link 
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[quote name='DarkRider' date='24 July 2009 - 07:30 AM' timestamp='1248409800' post='1832224']
I;d also want you to stop airing my private business about the forums! :blink:

I did not ...I just say why I noticed...he is one of big bosses...
I noticed it late ... after saying I am sorry... :(

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firstly your right charles never reads pm's or he never replys :P. secondly you don't apologise to charles, u just insult him and tell him he'd better like it... now lindy... thats a whole different story... (body armour might be needed).

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