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View latest posts 24 hour limit?


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Just upgraded 3.0.0 to 3.0.1

Had hoped that the absence of being able to see recent posts older than 24 hours, would be reinstated.
But am disappointed that it has not.
3.0.1 has tidied up some issues nicely, but the feature of being able to catch up with posts when you have
been away from the board for more than 24 hours, is a major omission, and complaints from member are being received.

Lack of this feature is costing us posts and members!

Since upgrade to 3.0.0 new registrations have also dropped.

If this feature is not going to be included in future updates, will probably return to 2.3

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Are you looking to list the active topics since the last visit? There is "View New Content" link on the top which will do that. The default option is to fetch active topics posted in since your last visit (as per 2.3.x) OR based on the topic marking system (as per 3.0.0). The option to switch that is in your "My Settings" > Settings tab > General Settings.

However they have removed the feature for listing active topics for past week, past month, etc. has been removed. I have submitted a feature request here for that: http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/288228-feature-request-get-active-topics-for/

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No. That's not what he's referring to.

He's talking about a feature that was in 2.3 that when you looked at the Today's Active Topics that you could change the option from "24 hours" to as long as "One week" to "Two week." That selector, or drop down box is gone from IPB 3.

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[quote name='Josh' date='27 July 2009 - 01:59 PM' timestamp='1248699572' post='1833920']
The dropdown that lets you choose a time period will return in 3.0.2 :)

Thank you
I have been getting loads of flack for that not being there

So ... when will we see 3.0.2?

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