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Small request for the email content


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Be able to do <#MEMBER_EMAIL#> and <#MEMBER_IP#> in the email sent to the admin, because sometimes it helps to determine right away if the person is legit or not before getting into the ACP. While going to log in, the admin could be doing a spam search for the email (or even modify the admin_newuser to make the email into a link) so it's easier to take action.

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[quote name='teraßyte' date='13 July 2009 - 10:45 AM' timestamp='1247496311' post='1825474']
Until they add this by default if you want I have released a mod to add the email of the registration in the notification, just have a look in my sig for the link ;)

I had done this on one of my 2.3 sites and several days ago when I saw your mod for it (browsing through resources), it reminded me how nice it is to have but I forgot to mention it here. Don't want to do any file edits except in extreme circumstances.

No offense to you of course (I'm glad you have the information available in the mean time). :)

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