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Feature Suggestion: Better Admin Statistical Reporting

Sport Twin

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I'm new to IPB and I've looked over the logs and statistics center in the ACP but they are lacking more granular reporting abilities.

When I click on registrations I want to click on the registrations for that day...let's say there were 5, and then see the 5 members listed that registered for that day. I should be able to click on that member's name and be taken to their member info in the ACP (which already exists).

When I click on new Topics for the day, again..same scenario, I should click on that number and be taken to a list of those topics and see who started them...etc

I want to see who has visited the site today...how many, click and list their usernames, time on board, IP address, how many pages and when I click on those pages see what they viewed in a list...then be able to click on what they viewed...a topic or gallery or blog...etc.

I'd also like to see http referrers...see where they came from.

If this exists and I've missed it please forgive me... .ditto if there is a good mod/hook that I've missed as well.

I just feel there should be better reporting so we know the 4W's a little better.

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