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Is this where you can...

Jacob Marshall

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Is this where you can say what you think what IP.Board needs to improve or say some glitches! If so...

The attched image is an image of 2 images. The first one is of the invision main imdex page imstently after you click the show side bar icon. and the second is the image I created with what it should loom like!


It would be realy simple to sort out, just delay the image that comes after and keep it where it was!


P.S. I only thought of it because it realy bugs me! lol


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[quote name='Jacob Marshall' date='12 July 2009 - 06:12 AM' timestamp='1247393556' post='1824781']

This is IE 8

[quote name='Lee69' date='12 July 2009 - 06:34 AM' timestamp='1247394857' post='1824785']
Have you made sure you've cleared your cache? What version of Firefox are you using?

I'm on Minefield, Windows 7 and it works perfectly.

What Lee69 said, empty your temporary internet files and try refreshing.

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