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While the report center shows the user who last updated the status of the report in the report list view, it doesn't show who the last person to post in the report thread is, nor is there any notification of new replies.

The system's a good idea, but it would be really nice if it behaved more like a forum.

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[quote name='Brett B' date='09 July 2009 - 07:01 PM' timestamp='1247180488' post='1823625']
I just noticed this. It would be stellar if it was similar to the Tracker, where updating the status was a new post and you could comment on the update.


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I'd like to be able to move the reports into different categories, where there would be new (first screen you get to), open and then closed.

New would be those reports which are not marked by any mod as being opened (ie, someone looking into it).
Open would be any report that a mod is handling.
Closed would be any report that has been marked as closed/handled.

Obviously, any report could get comments/discussion added onto it and such. But a report should remain marked as 'new' if someone hasn't been assigned to handle it or if someone hasn't "opened" it. If someone opens it then their name should get attached to it as being the moderator handling it (obviously). But an admin could "assign" it to a moderator to handle if they choose to.

The ones that are open/closed should be on different screens, so that you don't have a million reports loading on the same page, where you have to pick and choose which ones are still pending action. For each, would be nice if there was a limit on how many appear on the page (have to click [2][3][>][>>] etc to change pages).

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