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[Suggestion] Switch the search system between internal and google


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[quote name='ysun' date='06 July 2009 - 04:21 PM' timestamp='1246911706' post='1821263']
It would be great if we can choose the external search engines to search the forum, thus I don't need to move my website to a dedicated server.

Would also be nice if there was a starter list of search engines to choose from (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc). Personally I'd use Google, but as I said before, not everyone is a Google person. I don't know why, just not everyone is.

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Personally I don't seem much point. For example, at least for me, searching the forums content on this website would be pretty much useless. The only posts I really search for are within "private" forums - like all of the IPS Resources category - which Google doesn't index. I really only use Google to search for small words in the Tracker here.

I could see it as "nice to have" but really, minus the performance issues, the internal search is quite nice, especially the way it searches content from all of your apps in one place.

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