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IPB 3.1.0 features

Axel Wers

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[quote name='isdoo' date='29 August 2009 - 01:31 PM' timestamp='1251545503' post='1850183']
Would be a great feature - however it would require additional licences - something that I would be prepared to buy in return for this feature.

Probably on IPS could make a special license do that :)

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I'm with you:

"The ability to add multiple domains (Multiple forums with different categories) to 1 invision database install that shares members/post stats/etc. when you login on the homepage it displays your websites instead of all your forum categories."

And I'd be HAPPY to pay for some additional licenses esp. with a discount deal.

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[quote name='Ran Yefet' date='27 June 2009 - 01:40 PM' timestamp='1246110018' post='1815529']
User Notifications - Facebook like Notifications that display the user staff like:
- Change in his topics (Pinned, Locked, Unlocked)
- "You have been Warned..."
- Friend Request
- Comment on Profile
- Replies to Watched topics.
- Promoted to new group.

All the things that now uses the PM System to notify the user will moved to Notifications System.
When you have a new PM you get that green star in your picture.
So the Notifications System will be red star.


[quote name='.Wolfie' date='27 June 2009 - 02:13 PM' timestamp='1246112025' post='1815544']Per post/topic, disable someones ability to edit a post they have made or their ability to reply any further to that topic.

[*]Topic/post "Notes" and a true "history". Perhaps more like a "change log". * History: If someone makes an edit to a post, have an original of that post saved away pre-edit. This should be done in a separate table, be optional (for obvious reasons) and also have an expiration so the old pre-edits eventually go away. (Should be several options related to this, such as when to expire a pre-edit copy, if the very original pre-edit should remain longer than other pre-edits, per group, etc).
This is VERY useful. I used to have this on my VB board, and it saved us TONS of times. Disputes have no leg to stand on. I, the site owner, can VERY easily see when a user complains, or when I check up on a mod, what he did, and what he removed. +10 for this one.

[quote name='.Wolfie' date='09 July 2009 - 12:10 AM' timestamp='1247098242' post='1822946']
Would REALLY love it if we could pick and choose exactly where each application will appear. Not only on the tab bar, but also have a secondary (if wanted or needed) tab bar. I like to try to have my tabs alphabetical (after the first 3 main tabs), but can't do it because of how it's mixed-sorted.

Also be nice if an option could be chosen that would put all the add-ons into drop down menus. Allow me to create a drop down menu of "Featured Add-Ons" where I might include IPS extras, then another tab where I might include 3rd party add-ons such as shoutbox, tracker, etc.

I would just like to sort the tabs into my own order, and move tabs into a global tag called (applications - let me just name it what I want) and then have it be a drop down tab if hovered over. The number of tabs are going to be a HUGE problem very soon.

[quote name='Brett B' date='23 August 2009 - 01:59 AM' timestamp='1250992775' post='1847849']
Making the report center more useful...

[*]Show who the last person to post/perform an action in the report thread is (similar to the Tracker)[*]Make updating the status a new post and allow for a comment on the update (again, like the Tracker, and this would address the first bullet)[*]Show that there are new comments on a report with a "go to first unread post" icon (again, like the Tracker)

I've made a few suggestions for this in another thread. Quoting here:

[quote name='FirestarZA' date='28 August 2009 - 12:14 PM' timestamp='1251461695' post='1849731']

And now, a list of changes that I want to see in future releases: Josh touched on it a little bit in the quote below: [quote name='Josh' date='19 August 2009 - 01:46 PM' timestamp='1250689589' post='1846244'] I really like the idea of notifying the user of new posts that were made while typing a reply, I find the feature very useful in gmail. I'm not sure if it'll get included, but it is a good idea :) However, there's a better way. It's called Live post (it was available as a hack on Vbulletin) and it basically refreshes the topic automatically every X seconds. It's got a few options that you can set: Now this sounds like a gimmick. I know when I first saw this hack, I thought that I'd give it a try, but I'll probably uninstall it after a day or so. However, let me tell you that this is now the most missed feature on my board since I've moved to IPB. The first week, I was sitting in front of my computer, waiting for the replies to happen, and not understanding why I must keep on pressing this F5 button all the time to see who replied to the thread while I was typing something in the quick reply box. This feature is the single biggest improvement that I've made to my board, and MANY of my users miss it incredibly. There are also a ton of benefits of this Live topic feature. For one, it saves a crap load of bandwidth. In stead of refreshing the whole page, it only checks every 5 seconds (or whatever), which takes up about 4k or less) and adds a new post only when there is one. If IPB adds this feature, I can only imagine how many more Vbulletin (and many others) users they'll draw (not that you necessarily want them. They're a pain to deal with! Look at me! I've probably logged 20 tickets in the last 3 weeks, since moving to IPB, and now I'm testing the post size limits with this suggestions list - sorry about that, btw). Anyways, thanks for an awesome piece of software, and I hope to see some of these in future releases. :D

  1. Report Center: Allow some moderation functions in this please. In fact, make it act like a hidden forum? Put up some sort of unread feature, so that I can see which reported items I have read, and which contains unread posts by another moderator.
  2. Perhaps allow Admins to delete posts in there, edit posts, etc? If it acts like a forum, then all of these can be possible.
  3. Allow +/- reps as well, as I often want to thank a mod for doing something, which isn't possibly at the moment.
  4. Also, the "1 Active Reports" thing in the header should also have "10 Active Reports (4 Unread)" there, so that you can quickly and easily see who did what.
  5. Lastly, a search feature, please. if you later want to find something in there, it's going to be nearly impossible.
  6. Also perhaps some prune function? Perhaps move reports to your trash can when deleting?

  7. Trash Can: Have some kind of link to the topic where this was deleted from, please? In my setup, I really need to be able to see this, as I like to be involved in every decision my mods make. Also a restore button or link or something?
  8. Multi moderation extras - allow me to PM the user as well. Basically, when I use multi moderation, I want the following to happen. Post deleted (moved to trash can), user PM'd and/ user given warning.
  9. User Images depending on groups belonging to - So, like you have a "Staff" badge, allow a badge for secondary groups as well, set up by an Admin, but perhaps selected by user which ones they want to show up on their post (maybe set a limit option by ACP option too, to only allow 3 secondary badges, for example)
  10. Rep System is currently pretty useless without anyone seeing your rep. Put rep in the profile, put up a highest rep user thing, and perhaps even rep in the post bit under the avatar. I know there are 2 hooks that does this, but it should be included in the standard, IMO.
  11. Extra tab on profile page, which must have watched forums/posts. This is a pretty often requested feature on my board. My members want to watch certain forums and posts, and then just refresh their profile page, seeing both these on the same page. Currently, you have the two tabs in the side bar, but people prefer not clicking between these two. If it's on the profile page, it could be on a separate tab, which shows watched posts first, with a separation after this, showing the watched topics second. It could even refresh via AJAX (really, I want to have AJAX's babies some day), which would stop the spam refreshing that users tend to do while they wait for new posts to pop up.
  12. Option to put sidebar blocks on every page, not just forum home page - please, pretty please.
  13. Link to ACP member record from member profile page (admin only, obviously)
  14. Option (user selectable) to reverse sort order for posts in topics - newest on top
  15. Mass add or remove members to a group. If I want to, for example, search for email addresses that has the word "facebook" in it, and move them to a new group, it's a REALLY long process at the moment.
  16. Check all boxes EVERYWHERE - moderated posts, and everywhere in the ACP as well - subscriptions for example. Basically, if there's a checkbox, I want a check all above it.
  17. Multi quote breaches topic borders - currently, if you multi quote a post on page 1 of a topic, and press the reply box on page 2, it'll include multi quotes from page 1. However, it will not do this over 2 separate threads. Basically, when someone clicks a reply box, while there are multi quotes selected all over the forum, it must only include the current topic's multi quotes in the reply, but have a little link below the box, asking the user if he wants to include the other x number of multi quotes from different topics in this post as well, or if he wants to clear multi quotes. VB does it this way, and it's quote useful.
  18. Live Ajax post feature - see below

  19. Refresh topic every x seconds
  20. Timeout for refresh - if user leaves the page (click on another tab in browser for example) or becomes inactive on his computer (goes AFK) or whatever, it times out the refresh.
  21. Live topic time out - X seconds after the last reply, the topic stops being a live topic, and refreshes like a normal topic.

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[quote name='FirestarZA' date='03 September 2009 - 12:32 PM' timestamp='1251977547' post='1852036']
I've probably logged 20 tickets in the last 3 weeks, since moving to IPB, and now I'm testing the post size limits with this suggestions list - sorry about that, btw).

Anyways, thanks for an awesome piece of software, and I hope to see some of these in future releases. :D

no, but you broke the email notification - it just came through without any post detail ;)

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I just had a rather interesting thought for a suggestion for IPB:

When selecting a skin (through the skin selector @ the bottom of the forum), a (little?) preview of that skins "page" (such as clean cut's topics page, when viewing a topic, or the user-control panel when viewing that, etc) when highlighted (haven't clicked yet). Would that be possible?

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One very useful feature would be to have the ability, with the appropriate permission settings, to see the original version of an edited post, and all versions of the edited post of course. For example where it puts the Edit by line, to also mention the original version, or the first edit, if there was a second edit, etc etc.

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Nobody speak about digg/pligg functionality but without them forums will die because pligg cms will take over forums (google answers use the same functionality):

I need some features like in pligg CMS (and digg):

1). to be able rate all posts, all messages and sort them immediately by rating -> it will be very usefull for news at the start page: messages with the bad rating must not appear at all, hiding posts is not a good tool at all.
For example in this topic we can not see most requered features for IPB, if we had rating system like in digg, The message/post with most requered features would appear at the beginning and we would not see posts without importance
2). see comments in blogs in the other 'new' way like here:
because sometimes I what to reply on the previous comment and not on blog but I can't do that...

be able to see reputation and all other feature (country, age, ...) in the member list and sort member by reputation or other chosen feature

more mouseovers
be able to change the font like in phpbb

If you are agree with me please vote this post up

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[quote name='ohn03s' date='18 September 2009 - 06:13 AM' timestamp='1253268807' post='1857041']
I really miss the Group Moderator function in IPB :)

Can you clarify? You can still set groups as super moderators, or forum moderators, in IPB 3. What group moderator function is missing?

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[quote name='edivad' date='18 September 2009 - 01:43 PM' timestamp='1253306600' post='1857234']
Maybe they are already listed...
in order of importance:
1) post history (when an user edit a post)
2) the ability to soft-delete a post
3) Notification system (as vb 3.8)

2: same as unapproving a post, which already exists

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A staff page like vB but better!!! Have an option in each user group saying Is this group staff? If so, it will display the group with all of its members in the staff page. The current one is useless!! We end up having to make a new topic describing each staff group member, etc.


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Great ideas for new features are the mods themselves. Try and review what the popular mods are back in 2.3.6 and turn them into features. Ive seen a few mods out there that have been turned into features and its great.

I would recommend not using mods at all since file edits would be made again if you upgrade and stuff. But since some of these mods do incredibly great things, i use a few.

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[quote name='bfarber' date='18 September 2009 - 03:04 PM' timestamp='1253282653' post='1857114']
Can you clarify? You can still set groups as super moderators, or forum moderators, in IPB 3. What group moderator function is missing?

People that have a moderator function on a specefic group. They are able to add/remove members from a group and potentially able to accept/reject requests to join a group. In this way you can distribute the tasks a little bit more without giving them access to also modify other groups.

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