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IPB 3.1.0 features

Axel Wers

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[quote name='Adi R' date='28 November 2009 - 12:37 PM' timestamp='1259411836' post='1883040']

[*]When you suspend a member (in the Warn Page) - The member automatically will be moved to Banned Group and his title will be changed to Banned. When he's back from the ban, he will automatically be back to the Members Group and his title will be changed.[*]PM - You've been warned![*]Category Supervisor - In the Forums tabs in the ACP, you can choose a category and add her a moderator.

Yeah it would be nice if it will be added in 3.1 :)


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What I want to see in 3.1. Thread Tagging Option for users to ignore/hide threads based on tags. Option to make it so that when moderators ban a user the user's group is changed to the banned

OK, maybe is little soon, but I heard something that new features will be included in 3.1.0 version. My first suggestion: This could by unavailable to guests. They really do not need to know w

I want to be able to download PM's/conversations in .txt .html .xml .cvs formats... Heck, any format would be nice.

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[quote name='sunrisecc' date='28 November 2009 - 11:15 PM' timestamp='1259450135' post='1883205']
I do not want to change what we have now. If I wanted to change the visibility to Banned, then I use the old method of banning (separate group). The new and alternate method is not visible and I do not want it changed. It was introduced in 3.x and should remain the same. Suspending a member also should not be visible to others as it always has been that way and must remain so.

There's no problem if someone sees that other member is banned.

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It would be nice to set a ban reason which is displayed to the user when they try to access the forum and are presented with the no permissions page, also the ban reason to be shown in the admin/mod logs along with who banned the user - ban logs..

Being able to temp ban a member and customize the length of time they are banned for. Temp ban a member for a day, a week, two weeks, a month, or several months or as long as an administrator or moderator decides. When temp banning a member, automatically switch their group to "banned", when their ban expires they are automatically moved back into their original group as mentioned by the member above. I obviously mean a much more advanced banning/warn system that what is currently in place, not just the usual warn, suspend, ban system we have which is quite limited.

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[quote name='nico81' date='27 June 2009 - 05:56 PM' timestamp='1246125385' post='1815644']

[*]Tags! (Tags for forums, topics, posts, members, groups, apps, etc.).[*]Activity Stream! (Activity stream from the members I added as friends on my profile).[*]To publish my personal IPB activities stream on my Facebook's profile! (optional, of course).[*]RSS for Topics! (RSS for threads; not just for forums).
Quote! :thumbsup:
Folksonomy above all.


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Hello, I hope that was not discussed this!

I think it should be introduced urgently in IPB 3.X next feature or option: user accounts that do not register any post for 10 days after registration to be automatically deleted. It will be an option that will totally destroy the "spam accounts".

What says? I did not checked IPB 3.0.5 but I think that does not include such an option.


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[quote name='Yaroslav' date='07 December 2009 - 07:39 PM' timestamp='1260214759' post='1885860']
I didn't like that friends in the profile shown randomly, that's kind of silly.. i think you should do the friends title as a link to the ajax pop-up (like Facebook :P)

I programmed an illustration by Photoshop :lol:



(lol sorry matt that i used you and your picture as example.. you the classic one :P)

anyway this feature will be very nice in 3.1 !! :wub:

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I imagine this has already been stated, but the report center is quite lacking in finesse compared to what it was in 2.3... Two changes in particular that I would like to see made to it:

- The ability to view the report and comments directly from the topic via an AJAX popup, a la warn logs.

- Moving or hiding [spoiler-like] the post in post reports, so that it's not necessary to scroll past the [sometimes multiple-page-long] post in order to see the actual report.

In general, it seems to me that the system as a whole should be more streamlined and conducive to handling reports en masse. The 2.3 application had that; 3.0's doesn't.

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We need a toggle button to switch between visual (RTE) editor, which should be placed directly directly on the Fast Reply box, and Full Editor mode box. Right now, the only way to switch between modes is by going to settings --> Posting Settings --> Enable visual (RTE) editor

I know someone also brought this up, but I will emphasize it. We need expiring redirects (and the user can set the specified time in hours, days, months, or a custom time) for moved threads. Also, we need a way to manage and set existing "moved threads" in the ACP. For example, with the new update, existing moved threads will not have this expiring redirect applied. In the ACP, please add a section where the admin can view all moved threads, and set expiring redirects as desired.

Thanks! :)

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What about having the left right and centre buttons on the quick reply, I have posted quite a lot of messages to find i need to centre it so I need to then copy and click add reply and do it there.

edit i have just realised that this can be skinned on, but I don't now how :(

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[quote name='Tom Christian' date='16 December 2009 - 09:00 AM' timestamp='1260972040' post='1888953']
Not sure if anyone else has suggested this but the ability to link to individual skins within the Skin Chooser would be an excellent feature to bring back. No idea why this was dropped with IPB3 :s

I would definitely like to see some way of doing this as well, but I can assure you that it was removed for its CSRF potential.

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