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Google Chrome and Rich Text Editor - why it doesn't work?

Fórum Jurídico

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[quote name='Fórum Jurídico' date='27 June 2009 - 12:44 AM' timestamp='1246077841' post='1815375']
Seems like Chrome does not work with the RTE IPB3 is using.

This one, however, works: http://www.webwizgui...exteditor/demo/

@ .Wolfie: you did something that made your Chrome to work with this RTE. Any idea on what it might be?

It's a simple install. I did it because I decided to install a few different web browsers. I have FireFox, Internet Exploder, Chrome, Opera and Flock installed.

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[quote name='Fórum Jurídico' date='27 June 2009 - 09:36 AM' timestamp='1246113417' post='1815550']
Sorry, didn't get you.

Rikki said chrome is not supported in RTE right now, so what you installed that made it work?

[quote name='.Wolfie' date='27 June 2009 - 08:30 AM' timestamp='1246109451' post='1815524']
It's a simple install.

In other words, I installed it. Nothing else. I installed it and started using it. No add-ons or anything else. I was further mentioning that I had installed other browsers as well and listed them.

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[quote name='Rikki' date='27 June 2009 - 06:13 AM' timestamp='1246079613' post='1815378']
Our editor didn't support Webkit in 2.x, and we weren't able to add support in time for 3.0. It's something we're going to look into adding in a future version, and sooner rather than later :)

rikki u got it backwards, your meant to support the renderer that actually follows web standards not the other way round :P.

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