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Did i hear right that 3.0.1 is coming out in a week?


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[quote name='chasz' date='25 June 2009 - 01:21 AM' timestamp='1245907307' post='1813997']
by whom??

It's irrelevant. Point is, we've had the software independently audited and will continue to do so. We take security very seriously, and while staff here is obviously very familiar with "best practices", we do everything we can to ensure your data is as secure as possible.

[quote name='Strike X' date='25 June 2009 - 04:11 AM' timestamp='1245917462' post='1814034']
If they are releasing 3.0.1 next week but they have not made an official announcement for IPB 3.0

that would be bad business model.

I think it's best to leave the "business model" decisions to the people that run the company personally. :)

Additionally, I'm really not sure what's up with all the speculation. We WILL release 3.0.1 at some point. It may or may not be next week. When we release it, it will be a painless update, especially if you are using appropriate apis to hook into IPB instead of modifying the software. I'd venture to say any skins released now will be fully compatible with little-to-no changes. You will not be forced to upgrade, but for those waiting for bug fixes, we're not going to leave them waiting for long.

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