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Reporting distribution of illegal copy


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Hello IPBoard,

I have found a website distributing IPB 2.3 illegally. They are also distributing vBulletin. I have already contacted Jelsoft, and now I need to contact you.

I am extremely sorry if this is in the wrong section.

This website is a wordpress.com website, and I have already contacted wordpress.

Admins, if you need this website's URL, please PM me. I will not release the URL to anyone, just an admin. I don't want people downloading IPB.


Again, sorry if this in the wrong section.

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[quote name='kenichi' date='22 June 2009 - 03:21 AM' timestamp='1245637266' post='1812330']
Why doesn't IPS just post something on the homepage that indicates how someone can report IPB piracy because I'm seeing a lot of these type of topics created on the forums here.

It's on the "Contact IPS" page.

Anyway, thanks for reporting - I'll go ahead and close this now.

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