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Search and New Content Templates

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Why do the search and new content have separate templates, when they have basically identical design? I was really confused when I had completely skinned the search and made it look perfect only to click New Content and find it was an absolute mess, then I had to make the exact same changes as I made on the search.

I understand that allowing as much flexibility as possible is great, but this seems like an absolute waste, when they could so easily work of the same template.

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There are upsides and downsides to different methods.

With having view new content use a different template, everyone that is unhappy with how the view new content page appears (and there are some vocal members unhappy with it) can skin that page to look closer to ipb2, while leaving search results themselves more modern (for example).

We tried to follow a pattern of one template per page.

(Note, active posts and view user posts/topics have their own separate templates as well ;) )

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